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  1. Application/Acceptance:

Applications for Trade Stand Exhibition space must be made via the official online Trade Stand Application Form. Please note SUBMISSION OF AN APPLICATION DOES NOT GUARANTEE ALLOCATION OF SPACE to trade at Tullow Agricultural Show. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be notified if your application was successful. Tullow Agricultural Show Society have absolute discretion as to the acceptance of any Application Form and reserves the right to reject an application for exhibition space. Every exhibitor must accept all Terms & Conditions laid down by Tullow Agricultural Show Society.

  1. Breach:

Any dispute or breach of the Tullow Agricultural Show Society Terms & Conditions by the Trade Stand Exhibitor shall, without prejudice, entitle Tullow Agricultural Show Society to cancel the agreement with the Trade Stand Exhibitor and remove or request the immediate removal of the Exhibitor and its property from the site.

  1. Insurance:

All Trade Stand Exhibitors must have Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of €2.6 million indemnifying Tullow Agricultural Show Society Ltd against any liabilities, losses, costs, or expenses caused, directly or indirectly, as a result of an action, negligence or claim by any person of any breach of these terms by the Trade Stand Exhibitor, including staff, directors, agents, sub-contractors or any other authorised personnel by the Exhibitor. The insurance policy must be valid for 10 days before and after the show date. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL A TRADE STAND EXHIBITOR BE ALLOWED ENTRY TO THE SHOW SITE WITHOUT PROOF OF ADEQUATE INSURANCE.

  1. Regulations and Health & Safety

The Trade Stand Exhibitor shall comply with current Safety Health & Welfare Acts. All food vendors must be registered with the Health Service Executive (HSE).

  1. Cancellations/Changes:

No refund of money will be issued if a Trade Stand Exhibitor cancels after 1st August 2024. Tullow Agricultural Show Society reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion to cancel the show, make amendments to the parameters of the site or Trade Stand space due to unforeseen weather conditions. The show will not be responsible to any Exhibitor for loss of profit or any consequential loss arising out of the cancellation of the event. The show shall not be liable for any failure to perform its obligations due to flooding, fire, lighting, explosion, drought, ground conditions, act of God, act of terrorism, rebellion, sabotage, disease, or any other event outside reasonable control of the show. Tullow Agricultural Show Society recommends that insurance cancellation cover be considered by the Exhibitor. The show reserves the right to close any trade stand and ask the Exhibitor to leave at any time.

  1. Behaviour:

Tullow Agricultural Show Society (in line with the Irish Shows Association) will NOT tolerate any verbal or physical abuse towards show personnel, officials, members of the public and/or other exhibitors. Trade Stand Exhibitors & their staff should behave appropriately while on site and the show will not tolerate harassment, bullying, profanity, abuse to animals, vulgar language, including words or actions that threaten, intimidate, or undermine anyone before, during or after the show.

  1. Entry

Entry will be available from 7:00 am on show morning, Sunday 18th August 2024. All heavy machinery and/or equipment must be on exhibition stand by 5.00pm, Saturday 17th August 2024. Trade Stand areas will be a PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC ONLY AREA after 9.00am on show day. Failure to comply with this may result in reallocation of stand space, with no refund of application fees. Whilst Tullow Agricultural Show Society will provide security for the overall site area from Friday 16th August 2024, each Exhibitor is responsible for the security of their own exhibition and stand area. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that their staff or authorised personnel display proper passes and identification upon access to the show site.

  1. Trading Times

The Exhibitor shall ensure that their stand is attended and open for business from 9.00 am to 6:00 pm on show day.

  1. Trading & Selling of Goods or Services:

Only goods and services that have been declared on the official Trade Stand Application Form can be traded or sold. No subletting of space is permitted. It is prohibited to sell pellet guns, knives, fireworks, balloons, spray string or any legal or illegal item that can cause harm to people or frighten animals. Failure to abide by these Terms & Conditions will result in the goods being seized/ impounded and the Trade Stand Exhibitor and their property will be removed immediately from the site.

  1. Generators

No power is provided to outdoor or indoor stands. Exhibitors using generators must ensure that they comply with both noise and safety regulations. Please be aware that any exhibitor using a generator will be asked to SHUT IT OFF if it is non-compliant with noise levels.

  1. Fundraising/Collections/Raffles etc

The Exhibitor shall not hold raffles or collections for contributions to its funds without prior consent of the show and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

  1. Litter

It is the responsibility of each Trade Stand Exhibitor to collect and remove all litter created by its business and leave the Trade Stand space in its original condition. Skips will be provided.

  1. Sales and Advertising 

Only within the Trade Stand Exhibition space allocated should Exhibitors sell, offer for sale, or advertise their goods/services, including the distribution of leaflets, unless extra advertising space is purchased with permission of Tullow Agricultural Show Society. Level of business transacted is the sole responsibility of the trader.