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  • Junior & Senior Infants                         Not more than 40 words
  • First & Second Class                            Not more than 40 words
  • Third & Fourth Class                             Not more than 100 words
  • Fifth & Sixth Class                                Not more than 100 words


  • Junior & Senior Infants             My Birthday/Favourite Time of Year  or  Colouring Competition of Tullow Show logo (available to download from below)​​​
  • First & Second Class                  Me & My Best Friend  or  On the Farm
  • Third & Fourth Class                  My Favourite Character (from book/TV show)  or  Most Imaginative Picture (any theme)
  • Fifth & Sixth Class                      A Special Time in my Life  or  A Landmark from somewhere I've been on Holidays


  • Fifth & Sixth Class                              A Story form your Wildest Imagination: "At that moment, I turned around and looked up, and I simply could not believe what was before my eyes..." (Finish the Story)                                                                                                                            or  My Inspiration


  • Third & Forth Class                                 Any poem not more than 20 lines

EXTRA CATEGORY (Additional Needs)

  • Most Imaginative Picture/Poster
  • Handwriting (not more than 10 lines)

ENTRY FEE: 50c per entry

All entries will be on display in the Art Tent at the Tullow Show on Sunday, 18th August 2024.

To submit your school entries, please contact: Clodagh Byrne on 086 400 6412 on or before 28th June 2024!


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